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Leyland Heritage

In the 1870’s Leyland was known as the “Garden of Lancashire.”  Hewitson writes in 1872 that Leyland has a “genial, rural appearance…surrounded on all hands by a unique picture of pastoral beauty – by flowers and fruitful flocks, by blooming orchards… by grand old trees and fertile lands…It is like one quietly wandering street, there is no cluttering, no architectural crushing to death in it; you can breathe freely in the place. Leyland is a busy village and additional impetus is given to its commercial life by sundry surrounding manufactories” (Hunt 1990, pp 114-5).

The growth of the light engineering rubber and motor vehicle industries in the latter part of the 19th century changed Leyland in particular.  One success story is that of The Leyland Steam Motor Company, founded in 1901 by James Sumner and the Spurrier brothers.  This was a significant and successful partnership and the company evolved into the world renowned Leyland Motors.  Now known as Leyland Trucks (part of Paccar), the company celebrated its 110th anniversary in 2006.

Did you know?

Joseph Livesey, father of the Temperance Movement, was born in Walton-le-Dale

Edward Clayton, who lived in Leyland, was the first cloth printer in Lancashire

For an interactive experience of the history of the town, follow The Leyland Town Centre Heritage Walk and The Leyland Conservation Area Walk

South Ribble Museum & Exhibition Centre

South Ribble Museum

The Old Grammar School, Church Road, Leyland, Lancashire, PR25 3FJ

The restored 16th century Grammar School is now a museum reflecting the borough's history and the venue for a monthly exhibitions programme.

For museum event information please click here

British Commercial Vehicle Museum

The British Commercial Vehicle Museum is located on King Street in Leyland. The museum is dedicated to preserving the history of the road transport industry in the United Kingdom. Its exhibits and archives contain not just examples of the vehicles themselves, but evidence of their interaction with a century of daily life.

The museum is an important attraction in the town, visitors from all over the world come to see the exhibits and hosts a wide range of special events throughout the year, follow the link for the British Commercial Vehicle Museum's events programme.

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